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Photo gallery

Loch Dhu Cottage

 CottageInfo1.JPG Thecottage.jpg Sideofcottage.jpg 
  Viewhouseoverlochdhufromcottage.jpg Lochdhucottagesign.jpg Houseandgarage.jpg

Kitchen/dining room/sofa area

Kitchendiningroom.jpg  Kitchendiningroom2.jpg  Kitchen_1.jpg

Sitting room (with piano)

Sittingroom1.jpg  Piano.jpg  Sittingroom4.jpg 


Doublebedroom1.jpg  Twinroom1.jpg 


  Bathroom3.jpg  Bathroom1.jpg

Back door, corridor and drying room

Backdoor.jpg  Corridor1.jpg  Thedryingroom.jpg

Cottage surroundings

Viewhouseoverlochdhu2.jpg lochdhuview.jpg Viewopposite.jpg

For cottage rates and availability go to the Prices page.  For any further information or to ask any questions, please email enquiries@lochdhu.co.uk or call +44 (0)131 208 0263


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